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Thames Lullaby

The rope-cutter creeps downstream
sends the barges drifting toward the bridge feet
and on to where we sleep with our vinegar breath and straw beds
the children in their best night’s sleep
adults full of beer and fried potato
air warmed by sun and summer’s gate

Anna Robinson

Person in the Photo 

I feel very sad, because I want my mummy. The other kids say they’ll come back soon, but they have been saying that for years now. The only thing I’ve got is my cuddly doll to keep me safe. I really want my mum and dad. This road is smelly.
The other kids tease me saying your parents will never return, but I don’t believe them, I think they will come back for me. The only reason we’re out here is so they can take a picture to see if anybody will take us home, but there has been no hope at all, let’s see what the future holds.

Karve Joseph